This week in a nutshell: Free food for Erdoğan’s supporters, Potter madness and the clothes of Rio 2016

We heard that 2016 has been moving too fast to catch all the things happening. Check what was spoken about the past week.


1. Free food for protesters in Istanbul

Especially the supporters of president Erdoğan and the ruling AK party tirelessly head over to the streets of Turkey’s metropolises every day to protest the July military coup attempt. Today more than twenty thousand Turks joined them in Cologne. Those protesting in Istanbul are however taken special care of. The Istanbul municipality provides them with free rice, meatballs, sandwiches, desserts, water and ayran. Tip for the hungry.

turkey food


2. Harry Potter Madness

Snapchat’s special filter that creates a lightning-shaped scar on your forehead means that there is something happening. Harry Potter is back. Exactly five years after the cinemas introduced the last adventure of the young wizard from Hogwarts, the fans are thrilled again. London theatre premiered the play called Harry Potter and the Cursed Child. The screenplay of was released today, on Harry’s fictive 36th birthday, in USA, UK and Canada as a book. The bookstores launched the sale at midnight with a big success. “This is incredible, I feel like I’m in high school again,” one of the fans shouted with joy on Snapchat. The social site prepared special story to share emotions from the Harry Potter comeback. You can either watch the eager countdown to midnight or crying fans carrying a book signed by the J.K.Rowling herself!



3. The Czech president as Russia’s Trojan Horse?

The European Values Think Tank has accused the Czech president of being a Russia’s Trojan Horse in the information war. “President Zeman plays the role of the Trojan Horse of the Russian federation in the Czech Republic, where he systematically takes and repeats the basic theses of the Kremlin’s position. He is therefore repeatedly used by the Russian propaganda and he is being described as Putin’s friend,” the conclusion of the study, introduced by its co-author Jakub Janda, reveals, as reported by the Czech Agency. The president’s spokesman labelled this claim as “meaningless normalization drivel”.



4. End the male guardianship in Saudi Arabia

Women in Saudi Arabia cannot get a passport, enter a marriage or travel freely without the consent of the man. The organization Human Rights Watch launched a campaign to end the male guardianship in the country. The guardian of the woman can be either her husband, father, brother or even her son. Simple animated videos showing the situation of the Saudi women and calling for the end of the male guardianship became viral all over the world. In case you missed it, look at one of them.

British magazine The Week describes 9 other things the women in Saudi Arabia cannot do.


5. Five days to Rio 2016: Who will dress for success?

Not the Czech team, sadly. Although I support the sportsmen 100 %, I could imagine them wearing something, well, more stylish? The Olympic clothing edition has stirred some debates in the country. While the US team’s outfitter is Ralph Lauren and Cuba simply won the moment with its clothes designed by one and only Christian Louboutin, our country’s clothing is a little bit too much. But we are not the only ones who do not seem to be satisfied with the national team outfit. Georgia’s opening ceremony outfits prompt mockery. The voices against the clothes range from “neither sporty, nor Georgian” to assumptions that they were designed to cover as much skin as possible and protect athletes against the Zika virus.

The Czech team clothing. I mean, why?
The Czech team clothing. I mean, why?

Photo credit: Vít Vrbka, Facebook, Twitter


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