This week in a nutshell: Syrian refugee swam for her life, now she is swimming for gold. And Instagram is copycat

To put two unlike stories together? Why not. This week has brought lot of important events again, though Instagram has won the spotlight. But first things first.


1. From war-torn Syria to Olympics

There are dozens of talented young sportsmen in Rio. None of them however has the story of the young Yusra Mardini. The Syrian refugee together with her sister saved many people last year on their way from the war-torn country. When the motor on their boat had failed, nobody on the boat could swim except the sisters. The two women pushed the boat three hours in the cold open water to prevent it from capsizing – saving all people in the boat. Yusra Mardini, now living in Germany, was supposed to be the hope of Tokyo Olympics in 2020 but thanks to the opportunity to start under the International Olympic Committee flag, she could travel to Rio as a part of the refugee team.


The first race did not go as imagined, with Yusra taking the 41st place out of 45. She will not lose the spotlight, however. “It was not my best performance. But it was amazing opportunity to compete at the Olympics. I’m looking forward to another race. Thank you for the support,” she wrote on her Facebook profile.



 2. Instagram as new Snapchat?

If you cannot buy it, copy it. That, and many other things, was said after Instagram revealed its new appearance. So called “stories” where you can share photographs and videos that disappear after 24 hours, quite noticeably remind us of the concept that Snapchat is built on. The step has brought about various reactions, starting from those appreciating that they do not have to download Snapchat (including those with Windows phone that did not allow downloading the application) to of course critical voices. Many of Instagram users used the new feature to introduce their Snapchat account. Only time will show if this move will mean any threat to Snapchat. Now one of the companies that appreciate the Instagram stories is Nike. The company generated 800 000 views on Instagram story, while the maximum audience attracted on Snapchat reached to 66 000. Rest in peace, Snapchat? We will see.



3. Civilians in Syria are paying the price for the lack of desire for peace by powerful

This is what Pope Francis has said, speaking Sunday after the traditional Angelus prayer, as reported by the Associated Press. “It is unacceptable that so many helpless – including many children – must pay the price of the conflict, the price of closed hearts and the lack of desire for peace by the powerful.” The Pope cited in particular the suffering around Aleppo, which is at the centre of a battle between the rebels and forces loyal to Syrian President Bashar Assad’s government. According to the U.N., 300 000 people were trapped.

Photo credit: Edgar Jimenéz, Wikipedia
Photo credit: Edgar Jimenéz, Wikipedia


4. Long live democracy

Hundred thousands of protesters gathered in Istanbul and Ankara today to continue with showing support to democracy and the Turkish president. Apart from that, their influence has made its way to the fashion magazines as well. The stickers saying “Democracy live” was to be found on almost every magazine at Istanbul airport, as reported by a Turkish analyst on his twitter account.



Photo credit: Facebook, Twitter, Wikipedia


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